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Originally Posted by italyix View Post
So I took two videos, yesterday and this morning of cold-starts. Yesterday's video was taken at 4 pm in 70 degree weather after the car was parked since 8:30 am on flat surface. I have to report no noise was detected.

This morning's video was completely different. In my previous posts I stated I had no grind and noise on a a flat surface. FormulaMMM, you were right, while it might have been a lubrication issue in the beginning, it is now not the case anymore, you were right. The car started just like it does every morning BUT there was chain noise followed by a grind. It was fairly cold outside and raining, I would say low 50s.

I will call my SA today and start conversing about this issue, I just don't want to show up blindly at the dealership. M3PO thank you for posting your service records, they will come in handy.

Morning video, listen RIGHT after the 5 sec mark:

Does your car always take that long to crank when it's cold out? Seems a little prolongued, just like mine. I'll get that chain slap sound after a couple of days parked, but nothing like that though.
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