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Originally Posted by 808MGuy View Post
One difference I noticed is that this enclosure is supposed to fit a JL W6. Might be a draw to some people looking to fit a deeper sub than the musicarNW enclosure can accommodate. Not sure why they are choosing to put it on the drivers side though. That occupies some useful space to mount amps and processors.

I have the musicarNW enclosure and its great. PnP is great and the fit is great. No need to bolt it down because the fit is perfect. This makes it easier for me to work on it or remove it as needed. Paired with the Morel Ultimo SC sub, its hard to beat.
I'm assuming the reason they did this is because it seems that there are 2 different configurations on the drivers side. Some people have the floor section with the little access hatch raised up. Not sure why. Maybe because they have additional electronics or something.

EDIT: I misread the original post. Thought it was saying why NOT use the driver's side. Turns out that was someone else's quesiton

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