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Originally Posted by anodyne88 View Post
I got the lightning to 30 pin adapter for my iphone 5. It works great when I connect it to my y cable then connect the phone directly to the adapter.

However, I just bought a proclip mount and need a longer cable. I bought a male to female 30 pin extender cable from cablejive. I connected the female part of the connector to the extender cable, then attached the lightning adapter to the male part of the cablejive extender cable. It all works great, except the phone seems to charge for a second but then I get the 'charging is not supported with this accessory' message.

Any ideas how I can get this setup to work?

So reading this, you connected the female part of the "connector" (what connector?) to the -- presumably male -- part of the extender cable, but then you say you attached the lightning adapter ALSO to the male part of the extender, even though it's a male to female extender?

If you have to use a Y-cable, I don't think a really long 30-pin connector like others are suggesting would work. The cable-style adapter that THE TECH suggested might make for an easier fit depending on your mount, but it's $10 more and it's not functionally different from the block-type adapter you bought. You might just need to try another extender. But your setup should look like this:

iPhone 5 > Lightning adapter > 30-pin male to female extender > Y-cable > USB+AUX ports
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