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Think it looks way better then the before. Pics probably don't do it justice. If you like the way it looks who cares what everyone else thinks. Sure its not carbon fiber product but there are many aftermarket products that aren't carbon fiber and people buy that stuff. Yeah its cheaper then carbon fiber but doesn't mean its cheap. I did my wheels but it was a pain as I keep the lip the original look so yeah up close you can see a bunch of imperfections. I'm not putting my car in a show I'm just finishing up my trim just some time and very little money. I was looking to have it wrapped but they had to keep the car for too many hours and I wasn't gonna pay 3 bills on up. So its a temporary look for a small fraction of the cost. Many like the "murder" out look with everything blacked out. Not my style I like some things blacked out and carbon fiber. Remember most people will see you driving your car not inspecting it.. Oh they also have a satin gloss by plastic dip you can put over to help with a shine..
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