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2 things:

1) radar
2) laser

radar is easy to detect for radar detectors because cop cars can only scan a few(i.e 1-2 cars) at a time. They are continuously sending out a signal so it is easy for the detector to spot from far away(like a mile).

laser - you are screwed. That is a light beam that they specifically target your car with. Its a handheld gun that they point at your car. You hvae maybe 1 second to react, and that is if the cop car decides to laser you twice to make sure he has an accurate reading. Either way, with laser you are screwed.

Luckily, most cop cars do not use laser. If they do, they are the cop cars that are at specific speed trap locations and they have to be parked to point their handheld guns out the window.

Also, a radar detector can protect you from laser somewhat if there is a car or two ahead of you. It will pick up any bounced off signals from the laser gun when the cop hit the car ahead of you. That being said, we are still talking about a few seconds of reaction time.

I've had a radar detector for 4 years now. Never gotten a ticket. Of course, a radar detector does not mean you can drive stupid. Half of the battle is learning where cops commonly like to hide, and not speeding excessively.

Even with a radar detector, I only go max 10 mph over the speedlimit.
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