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Originally Posted by 808MGuy View Post
This rattling after a cold start issue was a problem for me as well and my local dealer could never figure out what it was. I think they had the car at least 3 times trying to diagnose it and could never come up with anything. Strange thing, after I got my Evolve tune, the noise went away and I've never heard it since. Could it be related to the delete of the cold start in the programming?
As stated before, rattling after a cold start is a very common occurence on EVERY vehicle made. My car does it (very slightly) my girl's G8 does it, vettes do it, etc.. The oil is in the pan, and there is no oil in the valvetrain for a second until pressure builds in the crankcase. While I believe that this is 90% of what people hear, it is possible people are also hearing the cam chain tensioners rattle. Again I wouldn't worry until the car shuts off and stops driving. What fun is worrying about a car that runs and drives fine?