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Originally Posted by xbook View Post
I don't think it's the president who is pushing "main street vs wall street". A good number of people had massive amounts of their wealth wiped out by the financial collapse in '08. The sentiment across this nation about wall street has come from that collapse. Look at the occupy movement, he didn't take part, or organize those demonstrations. Those were protests organized by citizens. Those were rallies that expressed how a number of our citizens felt.

Him saying the taxes at the top need to be raised from 35% to 39%, isn't class warfare, it isn't wealth redistribution, its just higher taxes to pay for bills we have run up. There wasn't class warfare n the 90's when the tax rates were at 39%. In fact I recall the nation doing rather well financially. Too bad we can't find a new industry to make tons of money from like the dot com bubble.

I don't think President Obama is trying to vilify the financial sector in a similar way to Jews in Nazi Germany. That statement is a bit of a stretch.
I'm not sure exactly how the rationalization works in your head, but I do know that it makes no sense. When you increase taxes more on one group and lower it for another, how is this not "redistributing wealth"? That's exactly what it is, you just don't want it to be branded that way. Even more money is coming out of one group to go to a government that exists for the benefit of everyone, and less money is coming out of another group to go to a government that exists for the benefit of everyone.

"Wealth" is a word that is more often associated with the higher tax bracket, so when you are taking more money from that bracket and less from others, you are re-distributing the burden that one group is shouldering.

Do you think that the people that are paying those higher bills see it like you do, that it's just "paying higher taxes to pay for the bills that we have run up?"

Who has been running up those bills during the last 4 years, I forget? Oh, yea, something to do with George Bush, how soon I forget.