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That guy is an idiot for doing that. That cop could have made his day so much worse.

The cops in NJ are the biggest hypocrits ever. The NJ State Troopers drive on their cell phones everyday (illegal), wear no seatbelts (illegal), go over 100 MPH just to get back to base (illegal), tailgate you (illegal), and go in and out of traffic for no reason.

Back in my old Civic days I would get harrassed by the police. In Red Bank I was pulled over for front window tints..... But I didn't even have them. I was driving around with my windows down. Cop started grilling me about how front window tints are illegal and all this nonsense. Then since the car was registered under one of my parents, he started thinking I stole the car even though I had the same address as them. Eventually he asked me to roll up my windows to only discover I didn't have window tints. Ends up telling me he is going to pull me over everytime he see's me there.

A couple years back in Hanover I got pulled over for window tints yet again but I didn't have them. Same scenerio, was driving with windows down when I passed the cop. He eventually ran me and in the end gave me a ticket for not having the car inspected, the last thing he could give me a ticket for since he didn't bother to check till he gave my license back to me. He ended up pulling me over 2 more times within the 45 day grace period after getting the ticket..... for window tints which didn't exist. Loved going to work and having that happen.

My friend also had a state trooper who was off duty in his civilian vehicle throw his car into reverse and hitting my friends car totalling it... All because someone threw a McDonalds bag going the opposite direction. Did the trooper get a ticket for driving the wrong way, causing an accident, or anything? Nope.