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Originally Posted by mspeasl View Post
Oh I did and I am sure most everyone else did also. But he just had to use a zinger....
To make matters worse, half of his "zinger" was in fact WRONG. Any numbers of news sources all point to the irrefutable fact that as of today, there are NOT fewer bayonets than in 1916, in fact there are at least 3 times as many bayonets within all branches of the military as there were in 1916. He was correct on the horses, although that wont really matter. The soundbite itself is what gets airtime and has legs, regardless of it's relevance or accuracy.

His team is definitely calculating and shrewd, you gotta give them that, especially when it comes to playing to the great masses of ignorant, politically uninterested voters out there, whose prime source of "news" is pop-culture media. If exploiting and leveraging the ignorance of others was an olympic sport, these folks would take the gold. I believe Barry is on Jay Leno yet again tonight, and frankly, at this point, I wouldnt be surprised if he is shown in the audience of "Dancing with the Stars" before Nov 6th.