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Shoes for temperatures around 0 C


I'm looking for a pair of shoes I can wear around 0 C comfortably and drive in them.

I have Puma Repli Cat IIs for driving in the summer and getting round and I really like them, especially because of their thin sole.

It was 6 C outstide this morning, I had to walk to school and my feet felt cold. I'm on the move throughout the day on foot, so I need something that I can walk in outside at these low temperatures, but will provide some feel during driving, like my Pumas.

I used to wear K-Swiss for this purpose, but their sole is too thick.

So, what I'm looking for is basically "winter edition" Puma Replicats, that have additional padding to keep my feet warm during the winter (say down to -10 C). Requirements ideally are:
1) Fit the foot well, i.e. they "hug" the foot, not like moccasins or sneakers or something
2) Have a thin sole to feel the pedals
3) Have laces
4) Can withstand mud/grime/dirt of winter
5) Not insanely priced (max. $200 USD)

Any input welcome.

Thank you.