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my thoughts (from an admittedly apple fanboy):

iPad mini: Amazing form factor. Loved EVERYTHING about it, but then let down by price. I understand that its a premium product compared to other plastic tablets out there, but the price tag is certainly not competitive. It's the bastard child between an iPad 2 and the new iPod touch. I was gonna get one for the girlfriend but even she wasn't impressed. I totally understand why.

Mac mini: Updated I/O and processor + memory spec bumps. Expected.

New NEW (?) iPad (4th gen): I was surprised they did a processor upgrade with the A6X chip (I assume iPhone 5 A6 chip but with quad-core graphics processing to power the Retina display). I was only expecting the change to lightening port. Oh well. Because of the same form factor, I see it as a mid-cycle bump; an "iPad 3S" if you will. I'm satisfied with my iPad 2 so I'll be waiting for the next generation with its newer form factor (thinner + lighter with an IGZO display, etc.).

New iMac: I was only expecting to see a spec bump for the new Ivy Bridge processors + additional ram and USB 3 integration. I was caught off guard by the new form factor which I must say looks absolutely amazing by from what was shown during the media event + pictures. Retina display? No one should be expecting that because of cost and production restraints. Hell, are there even graphics cards that can even drive that kind of screen? It's an AIO desktop; by sitting at a reasonable distance from the screen, a person can barely decipher the pixels anyway. A "Retina display iMac" is pretty pointless. A minor bump in screen resolution might be useful (programmers/developers creating software for the iPad 3/4 who want to see their apps in full res) but other than that, it's not fully practical at this moment.

13" Macbook Pro with Retina display: As expected.

Overall, it was a great media event, but I'll reserve judgement on the products themselves. At the moment, meh. Not interested since the current products I have are fine and I feel no sense of them being 'slow' by any means.

As for the above speculated release dates:

iPhone 5S: at least September 2013.

iPad "5" (new form factor): October/November 2013