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Originally Posted by HREM3 View Post
I've heard MCS suspensions are pretty stiff though.
Sure, a MCS suspension can be setup to be extremely "stiff" (based on spring rates) but with proper rebound and compression damping settings it will have a much better street ride (less harshness, better at absorbing impacts/bumps) than stock.

I'm currently running 500/800 lbf/in F/R spring rates paired with RS1 dampers and I'm able to create a setup that rides much better than stock on the street! The RS1, and the soon to be released MCS SA dampers, have a very wide range of damping adjustment (plus internal reservoirs with the ability to adjust N2 pressure) so with just a few "clicks" you can go from a track setup to a compliant street setup. The MCS 2-way remote dampers have the potential to setup an even better street ride than either SA damper because of independent control of R and C damping (plus an even wider range of adjustment and different internals).