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Originally Posted by jml View Post
A student and I were nearly in a shunt this weekend at TWS because someone told him hawk HPS pads were good dual-use street-track pads. He was put in an advanced run group, so the speeds were moderate. I commented to him that I was pretty sure the pads were not going to hold up. Sure enough, within 3 laps, his brakes TOTALLY failed WITH ZERO notice right behind a C2S going into T4 Clockwise...I don't know how he missed hitting it...mad ninja skillz I guess. There were fine braking into T6....but nothing in T4.

I see vendors in this forum recommending these products as viable on a race course. They are not, and someone is going to get hurt. PCA national is going to be banning these after this weekend's incident. A SURPRISING number of people show up to the track with after market street pads in moderate run groups. I don't understand it - brake pads are a safety device.
Rant over....
Sorry for not posting earlier, but I'm not on here much and recently stumbled on this thread. Thanks to my instructor (OP) for posting this warning!

Here is the video taken at Sept LSRPCA DE event showing abrupt failure of Hawk HPS street/track pads (BMW E92 M3) in turn 4 going clockwise. Brakes were fine going into turn 6, but then gave up suddenly in turn 4 as I followed a 911 Carrera S. Luck was on my side, as I was able to avoid a collision and regain control of the car. This is not an isolated incident as the PCA instructor (OP) riding with me had the same thing happen to him using the same pads.

These pads were recommended as an alternative to the PFC-06, which I was running previously, but were too noisy for the street. This was my 3rd track day using these pads which were properly bedded in. The brake pedal did not go the floor and I still had a firm pedal, but there was no friction to slow the car. Inspection after removal revealed that pad material had worn very rapidly and was clogging all the holes in the OEM drilled rotors.


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