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Originally Posted by Nate4641 View Post
My family got roped into one of those time share pitches about 6 years ago at Atlantis in the Bahamas. My parents ended up purchasing and have loved it ever since. They offer me the chance to use it and I keep trying to get a turn, but you practically have to book a year in advance and I never know if I'll be able to go. It too is on a point system with seemingly random high amounts of points which probably helps sell to certain people. Research would probably be the best idea in buying a time share instead of just doing the first one that a big tittied blonde pitches to you.
I'm sure it's a nice place, but booking vacations a year in advance sounds like a huge PITA, as does messing with points, as does being limited on where you can go. Have they ran the numbers to see if they're actually saving anything vs. just picking up the phone a month in advance and booking a room?