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Originally Posted by surlynkid View Post
Have you been paying attention to diesel prices? Ever since the low sulfur requirements came out, it costs more than 93 octane around here. I drive a 2005 cummins turbo diesel, and I would choose a hemi gas engine instead except that my diesel can pull just about anything with the bully dog tune and NV5600 6 speed, and it will run for a million miles. A diesel is not always better unless it serves a specific purpose.
I have a F250 diesel and I my wife has a durango rt with hemi. they are both pretty similar at gas eating, I would say my truck edges out the durango.

I have a Accord for daily driving and e92 for fun. maybe I need a track car too. hmm.

op I would keep the e92 and get a dd of a different sort or dd the e92 and get a track car of some sort.
the e92 and the 5 isnt going to be that much different on gas in the long run compared to what you lose when you get rid of the e92