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Originally Posted by W/// View Post
I can't believe the thread made it this far... but a 535d? Am I missing something? Has that car been confirmed? Because as of now, you can't even get one in the US....
Yeah I did a little bit of homework on the 535d (after I posted the topic, oh well) and realized that we don't get it here in the US as of yet. Like I said before, the main focus of this decision is whether I should use the E92 as both a track toy and a DD, or splitting up the roles between an E46 and another, bigger more comfortable car, something like an F10, or F30.

Originally Posted by W/// View Post
If you don't mind, what's your total budget? Personally, I wouldn't mind doing used E9x M3 + E9x 335d combo too!
Budget's gonna be no more than 50K, which is give or take what a good quality E92 goes for these days. I've seen plenty of good E46's for about 10-15K, which will leave me 35-40K for a good F30 or even a lightly used F10.

In all honesty, I'm leaning more towards the 2 car approach, mainly due to track concerns. Correct me if I'm wrong, but parts for an E46 will probably be cheaper than parts for an E92. If something gets damaged it would probably be cheaper to fix and it's not my DD so I don't have to worry about how I'm going to get to work the next day if XYZ gets damaged while racing and I need to fix/replace it.
Plus, If the worst happens at the track (I hope to God nothing does, but you never know, there are many things that happen that are beyond our control) and I need to write off a car, I would much rather write off a 10-15K E46 than a 40-50K E92. Not to mention, I'll still have my F10 to take to work the next morning. If I bought an E92, I'd probably treasure it too much to risk it at a track.