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Originally Posted by Comet View Post
So the cop is in the right to not wear a seatbelt how?
or those assholes who turn on their sirens just to burn a light?

so it's ok when cops harass us, but not cool when they get a taste of their own shitty medicine?
I didnt say the cop was right or wrong. But if you sit in the woods long enough, eventually you'll see a deer.

I've had a Honolulu PD officer jump a grass median in the rain to get onto the road I was on to pull me over for speeding when he wasnt even on the same road. In fact while we were on the highway he was in front of me the whole time until he stayed on, and I got off at my exit. Then he gave me a ticket for doing 68 in a 35 on an off ramp and reckless driving "because the road is wet". I dont remember how fast I was going, I was in complete control of my car the whole time, and I know the cop wrote me up because I'm white and in the military. However, I dont think every cop is out there to abuse their power and I'm not going to waste my time trying to catch them in the act.

What I was trying to explain is that even if you were the most mentally collected person with no paranoia, if you try to record a police officer for ANYTHING they are going to be suspicious. There are a lot of crazy people out there who think every cop is on the evil villain's pay roll and are paid to harass everyone. If I were a cop, I would be cautious that this person might do something, or just them having their camera out might influence someone else to do something stupid.

Police officers are people too, somehow a lot of society has dehumanized them, that's just their profession. They have families, and bills, and worries just like everyone in the world. Most people dont like having a camera in their face, just because you CAN film a cop doesn't mean you should and it doesn't mean they have to like it.