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Originally Posted by Templar View Post
I know this is devolving into one of those threads, but I'll say it: I've been pulled over for speeding, tinted windows, loud exhaust, etc... Not once have I ever been harassed. Most of the time, as long as I am polite and courteous, I am let go. Out of the 10 or so times I've been pulled over, only once have I gotten an actual ticket. I find it funny that people have such misconceptions that all cops are pigs and are out to get you. The time to argue the validity of a law (like speed limits in general) isn't when you're already pulled over by a cop for speeding. They don't make the laws, they are paid to enforce the ones already made. Realize, it's a job for them, just like anything else.

But, it also doesn't mean they are above the law either. I understand people that get frustrated that cops abuse the system and aren't caught or don't get into trouble. But in reality, it's not just cops. I was just recently pulled over and got a speeding ticket. It sucks, but it was my fault. The next day, a cop was driving behind me in an unmarked car, a guy in front of me ran a red light quite obviously. The cop seemed to be paying attention and looking forward, but didn't stop the guy. If it had been me, I am sure I would have been stopped. It is what it is...
you're lucky..
a cop pulled me over and harassed me and my friend for over an hour because my tyres somewhat squealed (I didn't hear them squeal, and was not done on purpose) for example

that dick spent every second he could to try to write me up for as many tickets as he possibly could so he could meet his quota.
He also tried to belittle me, he was very dis-respective, and arrogant with me.
He tried to give me shit for my factory options on my P-car. (my car is bone stock)
he tried to suggest that I'm in some shady work because I can afford such a car at my age.

I once got pulled over because my tyres stopped on the line instead of right before on a stop sign, at 5:30am on a Monday, during winter (when the line was half covered with snow)

I got pulled over because my car slipped on black ice a bit at a stop sign and I went passed the line, and yes, while I technically broke the law, I didn't even make it to the cross walk line, so come on, it was a HUGE chunk of black ice, and they knew it was there because they had 2 other cars pulled over.

I've seen one asshole climb up on my friend's lawn and wreck it in order to catch people. Another was driving without ANY lights at night (not stopped, DRIVING) on a high way to become incognito. The amounts of time I've seen them put many at risk in order to set themselves up for a speed trap, fuck me...