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Originally Posted by brunox2 View Post
I can't say for all brazilians, but it's life, if we want a BMW we have to pay what they want. Here it's really very expensive the cars, not just BMW, but all cars.

But comparing to US for example, we pay much less in medical & dental insurance, apartaments/houses, etc.

Each country has your particularities. And from the news, they tell that will decrease the cost from 15% to 40%, then things will be very interesting.
Well last time I heard about it medical costs were very high, insurance or not. For most people that means having to go to the public hospital and being from Brazil you know what that means...

Also housing can be very expensive in SP, but yeah if you go to the country side you're not going to pay much (also you won't have roads to drive your BMW anyway).

It's good to see you believe what the TV says my friend... but as everything "we'll see".