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I had BMW before I purchased 2011 ISF will be more than happy to answer any question that you may have. I modded my F with JoeZ intake, exhaust, PPE headers, ECT Hi-Flow cats as well as custom test pipe and AFE air filters, 245/35/19 front 285/30/19 in rear the car currently has 24k and not one single issue so far. It's DD which I use to commute from Westchester County to NYC 5 days week.

I do drive the car aggressively and it's alot of fun, the 2011 received updated suspension settings that have been totally recalibrated. The combination of spring rate revisions and dampers, fitted with new high performance valves in addition to reinforced suspension member connectors and bushes, permit more front-end suspension stroke firming up the rear end. This generates greater traction and stability at high speeds. A byproduct of this revision is car has been given more compliant ride the 08 to 10 had bit of harsh ride for some. Adjustments to the steering power-assist mechanism made for more precise and accurate turn-in as well as greater feedback through the wheel. The LSD was updated as well this changed occurred in 2010 and interior updated where to 2011 ISF such as dash, seats, etc. These changes help it to match M3 (6spd) at VIR some say had it been M3 DCT that F would not have matched the time but that M3 was running on cup series tires at the time while F did it with standard factory skinny ass 225/40 up front and 255/35 rear PS2 so still not bad oh and both cars beat C63 time at VIR.

So if you have any question about pros or cons regarding car or question about tranny, engine, ride quality, exhaust sound, if you would like to see pics of mods done or video clips of exhaust, or videos of runs I've done such heading to Bear Mountain with New York Mustang Club, had blast that evening alot fun. I'll give you guy some real information no bench racing or fanboy shit the F is great car not perfect but great DD car.

I love all kinds of cars and have owned old school muscle cars, retro muscle, JDM imports, euros and now F. I'll provide you with some real world experiencece of driving this car for 2yrs and hopefully give you guys some new infomation since alot of info that is being quoted is from 08 and 09 prior to changes.

Cheers D.