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Originally Posted by tightie View Post
It was not a drift event... Not even close.

It's a normal event just like Speed Ventures/Extreme Speed only difference is, we only allow 50 people for the whole day. We include photography, transponder rentals and we strive for more track time. Since the low amount of people per day, it allows <15 people in a run group. It allows you not to have traffic during the run group which is also focusing on safety. No one around you, you are relaxed and you don't have to worry about someone on your ass/hitting you/your car.

Oh, and we only run three run groups. That means you go on once every 40 minutes. You will for sure have at least eight 20 minute sessions under your belt before you go home, if not, more. Most people end up getting pooped out and tired, they leave by 3. When the amount of people die down, we have open passing and point by groups. Even more track time.
(I have no problems with SV/ES - I have attended their events, just stating the differences)

It was open track from 8a-5pm. Everyone ended up doing at least 8-10 sessions by 3PM, by the time it hit 3:30, the track was wide empty and no one was getting on... Everyone was pooped or already went home..
It was a good time to make some "fun" videos.
I was of course being sarcastic based on the video posted. I had a great time at the event and enjoyed the lack of traffic on the track. Especially considering it was my first event. Jordan was a great instructor!

The only negative for me was that my car (996 C2) did not enjoy the event. Worst-case the engine is done. Wish me luck with that.... I should have brought the M3.
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