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Originally Posted by skins333 View Post
U da man!! Thanks for the help!
Here's what I was thinking (may be what you mentioned in option1) but let me know if you think it will work:
--take new knob/alcantara boot combo and remove the bottom of boot from the plastic ring meant for f30 (stapled into place)
--remove original m3 shift knob/leather boot combo and separate the plastic ring (glued into place, hopefully can glue back later if want to return to stock)
--take new alcantara boot leaving still attached to new knob and glue to old plastic ring (my biggest question is if this will fit, but although the rings are slightly diff shapes overall size seems pretty similar)--then just click back into place.
--no actual cutting of either boot involved (just swapping of the plastic base rings)

If this fails, will take you up on the call. Thanks!
that will not work as the NEW boot is not the same shape as the old one so the stitching wont line up right and super tight. But I could be wrong if its VERY similar.