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Originally Posted by itf joegun View Post
For the F11 (535i) the situation was not that perfect:
As for the M3 I got new tires in April also. Also PSS, 255/35/20 front and 285/30/20 rear. My wife drives this car normally and she drove 11000 km this year. The buddy from the garage told me I will need new tires on the F11 next year! "Are you serious?!?!?" was my first reply. So it seems that the PS2 have a better tire wear then the PSS. On my old E91 (330i) we drove the PS2 22000 km and still have 5 mm left...

The wear was perfect (3mm on the inside because of the camber, 4mm outside), so no problem with pressure etc. I do not know what I should think about that fact...any ideas?
The PSS will last longer than the PS2 if proper tire maintenance is followed. If you are seeing abnormal wear, check with Michelin Customer Service. In a staggered set-up they have a 15,000 mile warranty in accordance to their Michelin Promise Plan.

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