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Originally Posted by THE-FN-MAN View Post
Vette has better aero I believe which really comes into speed at triple digits but I heard the new bone stock cobras lay down 603 torque to the wheels which I know has to help over come the weight it carries as well as the aero. I'm not sure how the gearing compares to the Vette though
Corvette drag coefficient is 0.34

GT500 drag coefficient is 0.35

The major difference is the fact that the GT500 weighs about 550 pounds more than the C6Z06 Stock stock it will beat a Z06 pretty easy. The ZR1 is closer but its a drivers race at that point.

To put it into retrospect the Zr1 runs about 130-131 in the quarter and the new GT500 is running a 126-128... Traction is missing from the GT500

My 2013 GT500 pulls over 130-135 mph in 3rd gear alone, which makes it nice not to have to shift from 45-130 in a single gear, and thankfully the TQ allows me to make that pull without having fallen behind to far.

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