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Originally Posted by arter View Post
Ran the Buckeye BMW DE with past weekend at the Mid Ohio Track. This track has many linked turns which form a nice rhythm when done correctly.
Many of the turns are at the tops of little hills and many have reverse camber.

Saturday was very cold ( 40F), wet from over night rain, and overcast, so it was quite slippery - you know southern California weather. Last year at this event there was ice on the puddles so you can't complain.

Here is a video of one one made with another E90 M3 . Ahmad ( the grey M3) is an instructor, but this was his first weekend at Mid Ohio. One purpose of this video is to help him see his lines. The other is just because it is fun. Ahmad shows up at the 5 minute mark of the video

Wasn't the fastest runs due to the weather and I didn't want to touch the track out turtles which were very slippery. Sunday was sunny, but no videos

Hey Arter,

Nice meeting you at the track. Thanks for not unleashing all your 500 horses behind me

That video is truly educational. Explains why/where you would gain on me. Lets connect next year for scheduling. Would love to do Glen again.

I have video from Sunday, now its my turn to post (soon).