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Thanks for the tips guys. Yes, my wife and I are usually on the same page when it comes to these types of things but they "woo-ed" her so much that against my better judgement I signed (though knowing I had a way out). We had a long discussion regarding this and yes we are on the same page now that both of us HAVE TO BE IN 100% agreement when it comes to these types of purchases.

This morning I mailed out the Cancellation Letters via Certified Next Day Mail. We had a call from the Salesman as well checking in to see if we "made it home okay" and if "our trip was good". I forwarded the contract to my lawyer and scanned all the Certified mail/shipping receipts. He told me that there should not be any issues and that they get cancelled all the time. However if they do decide to mess with us then he will pick up the ball from there.

I feel better about the whole situation now. Few lessons:

1) Take the free shit and run
2) Wife and I need to be on the same page 100%
3) I should have taken a picture of that closer