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Originally Posted by m3eddie View Post
Appreciate it, I'm already looking into doing that to mine. So it then becomes a tribute haha. I might even have to steal that color cause that blue marvelous.
Indeed! some M owners have money to burn and dont really care but i like to conserve the cars i own. You take care of your car and it will take care of you. My 235k mile 01' IS300 is proof of that.

Originally Posted by theriz View Post
I will have to try it once i get my LCI tails... has anyone seen this done? cuz i haven't and i think it will just make the lights look like they're old and lost their shine... but i could be wrong...

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Lol I think somebody needs to go get laid

Hot car bro, I think you are personally responsible for a lot of good ideas and envy amongst guys looking to wrap/paint
Thank you man i appreciate it. The matte blue metallic is pretty rare... I think i might be the first e92 on this forum to do it this specific color.... i've seen like 2 others pop up after I did mine... and looks like a few more are considering it. This color really does look amazing cuz of the metallic aspect of it. I highly recommend it. Even though my wrap job is maybe like 85-90% IMO, It looks darn good for a DIY job... gotten nothing but positive opinions on it in person thus far. It draws eyeballs and thumbs up like a mofo!

Originally Posted by Sal@AUTOcouture View Post
I saw the car in person over the weekend. Looks AWESOME
Thanks homie! means a great deal coming from you!