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Originally Posted by paradocs98 View Post
Magic hands, there, David Copperfield.

It does look like you meant to do it all along. I guess the key is anticipating the counter-rotation, which you did instantaneously.
Thanks! Nope...didn't want to or mean to do that. I'll mess around with a much tamer power slide at times

I did one drift practice and that really taught me how to steer the car with throttle and brake. If you look at the front wheels in the video, they were always pointed where I needed to go although the rear wheels were not. I let the wheel slide through my hands as soon as I feel the car start to REALLY rotate. If you hold on to the wheel, you're changing the orientation of your front wheels from the right path to some other path. Then basically the front end starts chasing the rear end which is not desirable in most cases...probably all cases. The trick is knowing when you catch the steering wheel so the front wheels maintain the desired direction of travel. Its more of a feel thing. My drift instructor told me that...

At the drift practice, an ex-Formula Drift guy drifted my M3 and the wheel was just spinning from lock to lock. Basically he drove the entire drift circuit barely touching the steering wheel. All pedal work. He explained that the only time he touches the wheel is to change the direction of travel.

I'm sure car control clinic help but if you really want to learn what it takes to upset your car and how stay in control even when it starts getting way out of hand..might want to look at drifting. The skills I've learned there have saved my ass a couple of times.

Originally Posted by Purple Derple View Post
Trail brake rotation happens on brake RELEASE. I just think you pinched it. Your hands dial in more steering and that got you sliding IMO.
When I was entering the left hander (T13), my car was already sliding at the apex which is why the wheel slid through my hands. Then I still turned into T14 which is what caused the backend to come back around.

I would like to hear more about my rotation happens on release. Now that I see the video, it makes more sense.
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