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I know Amy, she's a friend of my wife's. She was over at the house this weekend for a cookout. She's single, as most guys are kind of threatened by someone as knowledgeable about BMW's as she is. She is really into cars, and was brought up around them, in fact her Dad owns the BMW dealership! She is working in different departments so she will be ready to take over the business in a couple of years, when her Dad retires. She's an only child. I think her Dad also owns a couple of MB, Audi, Porsche and Ferrari dealerships, as well as BMW, Harley, Ducatti bike dealerships, Donzi, Cigarette, and Fountain boat dealerships, Lear and Honda Jet dealerships, a few 5 star restaurants, a ski resort and a casino at Lake Tahoe.

I casually mentioned that I knew a guy that had his Z in for service and thought she was cute. Right away she said "was it the guy with the magnificent fob?" I told her she would know more about that than I would.

She said that she had hoped that you would have asked her out, but when she didn't hear from you for a few days, she has started dating someone else.

She said her new boyfriend is a French model, she met on the internet.