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Timeshare Salespeople: The Story, kinda long...

Went to Las Vegas with the wife this past weekend and checked into the casino we were staying at. We dropped off our shit in our room and went to get something to eat. We walk towards the lobby holding hands when we were met by a hotel worker who asked us if we wanted to see a show for free. Instantly a red flag went up. My happy-go-lucky wife on the other hand wanted to hear this person out. Immediately we were led to a desk with a girl with a bad case of tits being punished by an extreme push-up bra. She showed us a bunch of shows that she said were for free. Skeptical I asked her what the catch was. She leaned over the counter, punished mashed together tits in my face, and said that all we had to do was listen to a 2 hour presentation and that there would be a meal included.

Of course she wowed my wife with some of the shows that were on the list. We signed up. I had a bad feeling about this. Fast forward to the next day we attend the "presentation" where we were met with a timeshare salesman. My wife chatted it up with him and I had the face-palm going. He gave us the whole deal about timeshares and said that the timeshare was now a point system. he stated that if we purchased a timeshare that we would receive 105,000 points plus a bonus 195,000 points for signing up. He showed us a book of all these places that we could travel to. He pointed out Branson, Missouri stating that one night was 5000 points. When I asked to see the book he said that we should go see the local timeshare property so we could take a tour. Red flag went up again but the wife wanted to go see.

The place he took us to was amazing. Super clean and well maintained. He showed us a 1 bedroom and then the grand finale was a 4 bedroom. Needless to say my wife was in awe while in my head I was saying "lets get the fuck out of here!" After the tour we get back to the office where he asked if we were interested in buying. He again focused on my wife showing her pictures of hawaii and asked her what her dream vacation was. She said Spain. He told her that the timeshare had property in Spain as well. In my mind again I was like "shit".

While he was talking to her I was on my phone looking up the company itself. It is a legit company and people do have timeshares with them and enjoy it. However, while researching I found people saying that it would be better if we bought in the secondary market from people selling and not paying retail. When he saw that I was concentrating on my phone he directed his attention to me asking me questions to keep me distracted from my phone. Basically my wife was "all-in" at this point.

He told us that he would see if he could get us the "best deal". This best deal was $17,900@17.99 percent for 105,000 points a year with an initial 195,000 point bonus and a maintenance fee of 54.95 a month FOREVER. I had my doubts and laid out all the negatives for my wife but she was so adamant on this that I didn't want my vacation to go awry so I told the sales guy that I needed more time to think about it because it was a huge decision and that the interest was ridiculously high. My wife now looking sad asked if we could finance through a second party. He said "of course!". That sealed the deal for her.

I on the other hand was still on the fence. He walked out and all of a sudden he called in the big guns. when I say big guns I mean a tall, blonde, huge racked, bubble butt chick that looked like she had to be poured into her skin tight dress. This must have been their "closer". She immediately went after me saying that it would make my wife happy and that it would make our marriage better. My wife of course agreed. After a while I just wanted to get the fuck out of there because while I was on my phone I saw the Nevada law where I can basically cancel the contract within 5 days. I signed all the shit and we left.

I didnt speak about it until our day was over and when we were back in the room she fell asleep and I stayed up all night reading the contract. I was right. 5 days to cancel the contract via certified mail. When the wife woke up I showed her the book and explained to her that we had been snookered. We signed up for 105,000 points for 17,900 dollars and this added a 195,000 points. For this to be even remotely worth it and us not being stuck with going to Branson, Missouri for vacations it would have to be a 300k points and above plan. Hawaii hotels were 45k points and above. The list goes on.

I also showed her that these were selling for 80-90% cheaper than what we were being charged buying retail from them. Sat her down and told her that we could cancel this and look for one on the secondary market. Shit, these plan points are listed on fucking ebay! She asked me why I did not say anything. I told her she was too busy being dazzled by the sales people to see that I didn't have a good feeling about this purchase (also the fact that she is where my next 1,000 lays are going to be coming from was a factor as well). She agreed with my rationale and also decided to cancel as well.

So, I just finished up typing up a cancellation letter and packed up their "welcome aboard" crap to send back to them. Also called my lawyer who said he is ready if there are any issues.

My wife drives me nuts sometimes.

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