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Originally Posted by muskamatt
Where do you live? (on my iPhone)
Nvm you live in SoCal. Track days aren't as common as you think. Take this summer for example. There were hardly any. You have button willow, willow springs, auto club speedway, chuckwalla and maybe spring mountain if your up for a long weekend. If you literally don't do anything other than track days on the weekends its fairly difficult to go more than twice a month. You also find yourself hesitant about going when you just spent 1000-1500 on tires a month and a half ago. Point is, I track often, not as often as I'd like, but if you have a gf, wife, friends, or any kind of weekend responsibilities at all, you may not be getting out there more than once a month. (I didn't go for 4 months this summer, it was devastating)

You make some valid points. I don't have as many obligations, though. There is work and university, but no wife/serious gf/kids/etc. Plus, there are a pretty healthy amount of track events here in socal imo. About two every month, which for me is a pretty good amount, not to mention the Auto Club Dragway is reopening their street legal events, so I could enter in those as well. Plus, my potential E46 would double as the weekend fun car when she's not tearing up a track.