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Originally Posted by askjeeves View Post
definitely a great time. alex, were you in the silver gt2? i was the one with the jerez black m3.
Yes, that was me.
Good looking car you have with the comp package.

Originally Posted by IFX View Post
i'm laughing at how long the traffic had to wait. lmao.

You know there had to be that one poor guy in a minivan somewhere waiting like wtf is going on?!

This did look epic though. Where can we see more pics/vids? I'm assuming the cops let you guys have some fun on the way down?
The net will explode with media from this event, there had to be hundreds of cameras around. just look at how many go-pros are on the Pagani

And the cops were awsome. The first part between departure and the gas station where the pics above were taken was intense to say the least. I was one of the last cars to leave since I was parked deep in the field, but I heard the first cars were doing over 150... (by the way, the orange Gallardo is an underground racing TT build... fastest car there).
The LP670 Murci was 15 min late and still managed to catch up. I wonder how fast he was going..
At the first stop, the cops called us all in told us that other road users called to compain to the FHP.
Here is how it looked like...