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Oh do you really like dialog?

I ask a few questions and you blow up yet again... For prospective buyers, here are some reasonable questions I asked which he refused to answer...

Since the seller is not accessible, I'm going to have to ask you the specific questions.
-anything wrong with the coilovers? whats the reason for getting rid of them?

-does he have all the parts/tools that come with the kit? (here's a picture

-was the kit mainly used on the street or track?

To which fruitcake answers:
"I have ADD, you've lost my attention.

Seriously tho I am doing this as a favor that is why Im answering questions, but as you probably already know I dont really give a fuck, I dont buy junk like KWs, which is why I sold MY personal set in the first place. You have used up my allotted attention span, the coils are no longer available to you. Best of luck on your search for a set of coils that fit you and a buyer willing to work with you. "

buyer beware
LOL ive had similar experience with his bad attitude. he posts up advan tciii for trade i merely offer to trade my hre and his reply was "why would i want to downgrade?" a week later he posts up some hre for sale bumping it with "no one wants some baller hre?" i just laugh at the maturity and how he wants to act like an alpha male