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Originally Posted by the///Mthree View Post
Hard to believe its not totaled.

Airbags out
Needs both bumpers, probably both fenders, hood, passenger door
Both passenger side wheels...judging by the damage on the wheels and the spring on the ground i'd say suspension damage.
New CF roof and both the quarter panels are crunched
You may be surprised by what it takes for an insurance co to declare a car totaled. I was surprised a few months ago when some idiot kid hit my wife in her new 328i, causing $22,000 in damage. The repair was more than half the value of the car's MSRP, but because the car was only about 4 weeks old (it was one of the last holdover 2011s in the area) it was considered to have "too much value" to be declared a total loss. Luckily our dealer's repair facility did a fantastic job and the car drives as good as new. I think we would have fought to have it declared a total loss if we had bought the car instead of leasing, though. It will surely take a hit in resale value.

To add insult to injury, the kid who hit my wife was driving a rented 2011 328i (basically identical to my wife's car), he had 5 passengers riding with him, with open alcohol in the car, was driving without his license on him, and was starting to make an illegal U turn across several lanes of traffic (starting in the far right lane). My wife was traveling his direction, approaching from behind in the left lane at 45mph (the speed limit) when he swept across suddenly and nailed her passenger side, almost pushing her into oncoming traffic. The real insult? After admitting fault and totally agreeing with my wife's description of the accident, the kid called his NYPD aunt, had her speak with the responding NYPD officer, and no citations were issued. Not for illegal U turn, not for open alcohol in the car, not for failure to produce a license. The officer's report stated that the kid was "changing lanes when he lost control of the vehicle."
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