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I am well aware of people getting used to something or adapting.
This is not the case here.
It is something we personally experienced on our own M3's and M5's.
The drone when new with the full system is at almost unacceptable levels and vibrates the interior.
We used to have exhausts made years ago for another car and that was exactly the same.

An exhaust will not get louder with time unless the internal structure starts breaking apart or the packing exiting the system.
When the system is new the packing is not set in it's final position and will give a deviation from final noise.
When we develop we have to use the exhausts for miles and miles to understand how the final product or prototype will actually sound.

Originally Posted by crabman View Post
You see that a lot Sal and it isn't that the droning got better but rather the drone trained them to drive around it as much as was possible (keeping revs up or down so as to stay out of the drone range, using either lighter or heavier throttle, different gear, etc.) and they simply got used to what remained that cant be driven around. Please be aware I'm not calling you out here, an exhaust will change its character as the packing settles in and I have not heard this exhaust either before or after it has had some miles put on. Also I think everyone is aware that some people seem to tolerate drone quite well where others will be annoyed by even the slightest hint. Still an exhaust will nearly always got louder over time when actually measured with testing equipment rather than more quiet and volume is integral to resonance induced drone.

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