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Originally Posted by RockChalkKU View Post
I would love to get an E39 but the wife doesnt like them as much. Go figure. I really want to get a sedan because I am going to be starting a family soon and as soon as that happens I will be stuck getting a crap car. So thinking ahead if I already have the M5 the wife can't say anything about not having room. PLUS, its SICKKKKKK!!!
I had on for a year, it is a great car but I didn't trust it enough to keep it out of warranty.

The transmission is annoying around town or in traffic. The engine is absolutely fantastic. It is a thirsty beast, my best tank ever was 17 mpg, my real world average, commuting on the highway with little traffic was closer to 15 mpg. The big V-10 has an appetite for special oil too, oh and tires.