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Originally Posted by GrussGott View Post
Great feedback ... that's probably the issue. I've got the stocker 18s and still have Vredestein Wintracs on there. Around february I'm going to get Volks and some PSSs - I'm hoping that makes it much better.

BTW - I had an 05 S4 with stocker wheels and dunlops ... it was rock solid and was great as I lived in MN.

I got the M3 site unseen and never driven because of this board! I'd had Audis for 10 years and while the S4 was great it wasn't ... quite enough.

I've never had a 'vert either, but the combo of both has made me a lifetime vert driver - and moving to Cali helps too.
You've solved your problem..I guarantee it. I run Blizzaks in the winter and they get me through the slop of winter in NJ, but the car handles like a wet sponge. You will think your S4 was a mail truck once you mount those Michelins.

It's like a math equation. MN + S4 < CA + M3 + vert + PSS