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Originally Posted by JOYRIIDE1113 View Post
One thing I want to say again is that, I went into this club 225lbs of bulk muscle, always being a gymrat and outweighing a lot of the other members, and left that same day a very very humble man...
Yeah, that seems to be the case often.

I've been doing Muay Thai for almost 3 years now, although not as much as I'd like in the past 6-8 months. I'm by no means a big guy (6'2", but only 150-155lbs), but you play to your strengths... I keep people at a distance with kicks and jabs, or get them in a clinch and go to town with my knees.

It's fun when new guys come to the gym, 'cause there are always one or two who think "I can bench more then you, I'll kick your a**!" Those big guys typically don't have the flexibility or energy needed. By the second round of sparing, they can barely put any weight on their legs.