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Originally Posted by MisterSkiMask View Post
I also went from a 335 to an M5 (E60) and now I have a 2013 S4. It is the right fit for me for now. Deep down I think I am still a BMW guy, but BMW (IMO) dropped the ball on the new 3 series, the interior (seats specifically) in particular. I really like the new 5 series, but I wanted a smaller car.

The Audi styling grows on me more and more. The view from the back is a little soft.
If you think the view from the back is a little soft, what about the side views? I think the front and rear views of the Audis look great but the side views are BORING.

The rear seat room in the S4 & S5 is much smaller than the 335i and the Audi nav with the $30 a month Google payment is just completely lame. The audi engines are great but not better than the BMW engine. The adaptive suspensions are also similar to the 335i.

Originally, I wanted to buy an S4 or S5 which end up costing more then the 335i. I just ended up liking the styling of the 335i more because everything else in my opinion were equal. The 335i is a little lighter too. Besides the other things mentioned, I just love BW EB ll color which solidified the deal.