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Originally Posted by ROB_S2K View Post
I've watched the show once and came up with this: To put it in a crude way I got the impression that you shouldn't buy anything and should just save until you die.

A guy called up who had millions saved up and had income coming in every month enough to cover his expenses plus some. He asked if he should buy a little propeller plane costing 400K and she basically told him that he is stupid if he does. Why do people listen to this lady?
My wife watches the show for the entertainment value of the "can I afford it". She only watches it when I'm not at home as I can't stand Suzy because of her high almighty attitude. Like you said, don't buy anything and save money until you die perspective.

Originally Posted by TVMA Doc View Post
If the anesthesiologist works in CA, that would be one of the better income/mortgage ratios. You are hard pressed to get anything above a single wide at $500k in most of the suburban/urban areas of this state. $300k puts her at one of the higher salaries-I guess that means that NO ONE can afford ANY of the houses here in CA?
Exactly! Even in today's environment, she would tell everyone not to buy a house unless you can pay cash for it.

Originally Posted by 1fastdoc View Post
BTW, if you read up on her, you'll find she in no way practices what she preaches. She
Bingo. She doesn't practice what she preaches. Then again, how many people in the public really do when it comes to self promotion. She's in it to make money. If she did her show on PBS and operated as a non-profit, it might give her some credibility.
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