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Originally Posted by rgrovr View Post
There are dumb people on both sides. A thread that devolves into "Let's see who's party has the stupidest people" is a thread begotten by stupid people.

The biggest scandal this side of Watergate is upon us with Benghazi and the assassination of our Ambassador, a topic mind you no Democrat wants to even get into the facts are so bad against this Administration, that the focus is on idiot voters outside of a debate??

Liberals would be foaming at the mouth had GWB:
  • Failed to protect our Embassy on the anniversary of 9/11
  • Let Al'Queada become resurgent in North Africa and kill a U.S. Ambassador for the first time in 30 years.
  • Lied about the root cause being a video that 19 people saw when it came out 6 months ago
  • Deny funding security for the Libyan Ambassador, while at the same time funding green cars for another Embassy
  • Go on 2 fund raisers then do Letterman the next day of the attack
  • Miss half of his Intelligence Briefings leading up to the attack.

But nevermind... lookey-here at this idiot Romney voter.
US embassies are bombed, and burned to the ground, regularly. Take the sudan for instance. Why would the US keep on rebuilding their embassy there, after it's been suicide bombed, like 10 times, already. Instead of trying to get manipulated by two guys in suits, who have no idea how to run a country, why not ask yourself: why is it always the US that gets it's embassy messed up? Are there logical reasons why those who hate us do?
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