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I was trying so hard not to respond to this thread but I feel like I wouldn't be doing my duty as a conservative had I not.

On the Libya issue... The fact that 4 Americans were killed overseas in a country with a tremendous amount of civil unrest is a shame and is truly sad and unfortunate. However it should be noted that Americans are killed just about every week in these numbers serving the country overseas. To isolate this one event as a failure of administration's foreign policy is probably not going to change the way liberals think or vote.

I guess if we look at the facts; the requests for additional security, the fact that there was tremendous unrest, and the fact that it was the anniversary of the worst terror attack against the US in our history, we can certainly argue that more assistance should have been given to that embassy. But couldn't the left legitimately argue that the nearly 3000 victims killed on 9/11 was a failure of a magnitude 750 times greater than this single incident? And despite the "failure" of that administration to protect those 3000 Americans (on domestic soil, and not half way across the world), the president who presided during that event won a second term. I truly believe that was as a result of the way the country came together for a common cause.

Full disclosure, I am a conservative, and I believe that for the most part (with a few exceptions) the current administration has dealt with foreign policy at an exceptional level. Both sides will argue back and forth about points that best serve their interests... But ultimately this gets us nowhere as a nation.

Unfortunately both sides are so divisive right now, perhaps had the 4 Americans killed this year been 4000, and had it happened on US soil... We might be able to put politics aside again to move the country in a positive direction, get Americans back to work, continue on a path of recovery, and stop using terms like 47% and 1%.

Im a proud american, and whether obama or romney is my president I will always be a proud american. Rant over....