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Advice on a smaller pulley for an ESS VT-1 535

I have been very satisfied with my ESS VT-1 535 kit. It provides the type of power that an M-3 really should have had "right out of the box". With that said, I would consider adding a small amount of additional boost using a slightly smaller pulley on the blower. I know some VT-1 535 owners have done this, but I don't have a sense of the results they have experienced.

I really don't have a desire to move up to a VT-2 or a VT-3 kit. Obviously, those options generate insane power, but I am already very happy with what I have. If the pulley change gives a little more power with no negative consequences, then I would likely go that route.

Does anyone have experience with this change that they could share?

Thank you, David