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Originally Posted by Mike Benvo View Post
Never said it wasn't. It's adding 5-8lbs of boost, of course it's going to be faster. This isn't really disputed.

All I'm saying is that my car is plenty fast without supercharging it. Puts a smile on my face any time I lay into it, and I've driven very high horsepower cars, 600+ rwhp.

I don't care about air to air, or air to water. As long as it's reliable, has reasonable IAT temperatures, and most of all is cost efficient. The car already gets me in trouble, so I can't imagine having it with a blower. Would I s/c it if the price was right? Yup, wouldn't even think twice.

I'm more or less even with a stock E60 M5 and that's fast enough for me. Maybe I'll pick up a used kit in a year, as I plan on keeping this car forever and am in no rush
Clearly the car puts a big enough smile on your face.

You don't care about air to air vs air to water?

We built this kit to perform consistently under continual hard use. We went to alot of effort to use premium parts and go air to air. If that's not really something of high priority for you then I suggest another kit which you can get thousands of dollars cheaper with your trade discount.

You see, you are not just a normal customer. You are a vendor on here. You work on these cars (coding and NA calibrations). I would expect you to buy a kit based on something a little more than just cost efficiency and appreciate the differences between cooling strategies.

If we wanted to build a kit which was cheap we would have gone small cast plenum, air to water with small sized cores, an OEM pre rad, a simple flat bracket and a blower which is a bit cheaper.

You have completely missed the point and those that are showing a real interest and have purchased appreciate what the kit delivers:

- Premium grade parts
- High level air to air intercooler
- Upgrade path to motorsport level intercooler
- Superb throttle response
- Excellent low and midrange torque under partial load aswell as full load
- Excellent top end power
- No cutting major or minor structural parts

As per your text, it's NOT JUST ABOUT PEAK HP ON A DYNO!

We have basically not made any major compromises and still bought the system to the market at what we think is a reasonable cost for what you get.

You have had your price. No amount of posting here or saying you don't really need it will change the price.

I really don't care how much business you think you will bring to us because you will have it on your car. That's not the kind of marketing we are interested in. If the kit cannot sell itself on what it is with a reasonable amount of information + honest unbiased reviews then that's the way it is.

There is a large following outside of the forums and our dealer global dealer network who are taking up the first few batches anyway.

Seriously, if you want a cheap kit, buy something else. Quality comes at a price. There are lots of sayings!

Or I could make you a cheap one from some of the development parts left over if you want! I cannot say you will like the plenum as much as the production version but it does perform exactly the same It does have one advantage. You can play around with the velocity stack length on this one. The kit has all of the weaker test components on it (which still won't break). The blower has some serious hard hard miles on it too which include hundreds dyno pulls, a good 20-30 hours under constant high boost load and countless road miles. Oh we over span it a few times too just to see what it's capable of. 10% over the speed limit was done and the thing kept on producing more linear boost. Shame the seals and bearings cannot cope with extended use! Let me know and we can do a deal on that one.