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Originally Posted by Mookster
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Sold my E92 M3 about a month ago and purchased a GTR.

GTR advantages over the E92 M3

1. More Power and Torque

2. Better Handling

3. For me IMO it looks better and more aggressvie than the M3

4. Better Fuel Economy I was able to get close to 19MPG city driving using the Snow mode and Comfort Mode.

5. Power gains - With just a Midpipe, Catback and 1000cc Injectors and a Cobb Pro Tune will yield 570whp and 580wtq on 91 Pump Gas.

6. The Thrill of launching the car when it hits 60mph in just 3 seconds.

7. From Dick Magnet to Dick Tractorbeam this car gets a lot of attention where ever you go.
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