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Same problem

First time poster - found this thread on google. I've had my M3 for 3 years now (22k miles) without a single problem. It also happens to be the first non manual car I have ever owned (my e46 was stick). Yesterday I lost all odd gears on my way home and had BMW assist flatbed it in to the dealership. My SA told me BMW's procedure stated that they had to duplicate the fault (Everything worked again by the morning) before they could proceed. They successfully duplicated the fault after 10 minutes of driving. BMW procedure now states (apparently) that they clear the error messages, test drive the car again and ask me to take the car back and call them immediately if the test clears out. I did so and lost all odd gears again near the dealership. I took it back in. Apparently on 'strike three' BMW now escalates this to a puma case (BMWNA level), keeps my car and provides me with a loaner.

Given so many of you have had the same issue, any idea what to expect now? If they rebuild/replace the gearbox can I ask for a free extended warranty? I do not want to have them push a 'reprogram'/'rebuild' solution and have the same thing happen to me after I roll off warranty. Who do I ask - BMWNA (whom to contact) or the dealership?

I've been very happy with my M3 but BMW are on test here as far as I am concerned. A satisfactory resolution of this issue without forcing me into buying an extended warranty for peace of mind will guarantee I buy the next M3/4. Any sub optimal solutions will almost certainly cause me to sell the car as soon as they say it is 'fixed' and look at alternatives like the RS5 or the new 911.

Thank you for any answers in advance.

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