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ESS VT2 600 @ 5.0 psi makes 543 RWHP on 91oct

Hey guys, so I returned to the EAS dyno today after installation of the MRF catless x pipe and Akra slip. A week ago with just the blower, I made 521 RWHP at 5.1 psi on 91 octane. Boost seemed low - especially since there was a VF car dyno'ing right after me making 7.9 psi. But power was good so I didn't think anything of it.

Last week's dyno thread here >

So today, I made a bit more power. The dyno graph shows my best runs from last week and today. Strangely, I made less boost today. Peak boost was 4.99 psi. We got Roman on the phone and measured the pulley and verified that it is the correct pulley.

We even overlayed my dyno against many other supercharged cars previously dyno'd at EAS. In most cases, the cars made less power but more boost. I guess this is a good problem to have!

Anyway, I will be back to the dyno once again next week with some higher octane gas, which is how I will run at Shift-S3ctor. I need to get some practice in as traction is starting to become an issue in 2nd gear above 7,000 RPM!

Thanks to Tom and Steve at EAS for helping today.
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