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Hey everyone... just so ya'll know i just got back from the city and drove through the Meet spot to double check that it's good to go at this time and it was just as i expected. Low Key, No traffic, and ample with enough spots for us to post up! We should be Golden for tomorrow! Hope that everyone that said they were coming comes through!!! I think it can potentially turn into a good consistent meet if we can build on this first one (Till it gets too cold then we'll take a break and pick it back up in the spring)

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I don't know how you guys would drive your M3's in the city with the crappy streets and potholes...
If you come in through the west side highway and turn into 14th street and make a quick right turn onto 10th ave SOUTH, you will not run into bad streets! HOWEVER if you DO come any other route, beware of cobble stone in the meat packing district... nonetheless just gotta take it slow. I've driven in this area in my M with no issues because i have OEM wheels and no kind of lips.

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Yeah I'm a bit nervous to be honest. I usually take my truck into the city. Just gonna take it real slow through the streets.
Exactly... Should be fine if you take your time.

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See this guy is a good guy! He's bringing a extra chic for you single guys Assuming wifeys cuz is female
Watch her be a blimp lmao