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Finally got to drive the RS5 last night (along with the S6, S8 and R8 V-10 but that's another story...) I commend Audi for sticking with a NA V-8, felt very similar to the M3 in terms of power delivery. It just didn't feel as spirited to me and also lacked that special RS feel I felt was present in the B7 RS4. It really is just a big heavy GT - I wouldn't mind owning one if I wanted a more comfy cruiser. Biggest letdown was the DSG box, didn't like that at all and felt closer to a tiptronic than DCT/PDK. The car as a whole is far more isolated than the M3 and prior Audi RS and S cars I've owned/driven. Seems like it is built for/targeted towards people like our friend above who are more focused on intermittent wipers, Bluetooth and the sound system.
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