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Originally Posted by w00tw00t View Post
mostly true.. however what pads are $500 for all four corners? lol.. good gtr pads are $500-600 just for the fronts (endless me20s for eg) .. and again what tires are $1200.. lol..?? Michelin PSS are $1500+

I just switched back from a year of ownership on a GTR.. also expenses change a lot when you start tracking the gtr. And basically I'm in the camp that if you have a fast car then you need to take it to the track.. in other words.. I'm a track crackhead!

when taken to the track, the gtr will eat tires (each set $1500+) within 2-3 trackdays and pads within 5-6 ...and gtr pads are not cheap... a good set of endless me20s are 600-700 bucks.. stock rotors will crack within 3-4 trackdays so you need to get ap j hooks .. and those will last about 15-19 trackdays. and then it'll overheat within a few laps and you need to cut your sessions short and cool it down...

to fix this you need to buy an expensive tranny cooler to keep the tranny from exploding but ironically when you install a cooler and change to an aftermarket (Safer and better) tranny fluid you automatically invalidate your warranty .. so essentially you are fucked either way.. keep stock parts and the tranny goes >230F within five laps .. do mods to bring tranny temps under control and screw your warranty.. the gtr is pig heavy..

for the m3 on the other hand, tires last about 6-7 trackdays.. tires (NITTO NT01 or NT05s 275/35/18s) cost $900 (almost half) .. pads last much longer .. discs last almost forever... and then the main thing is the car doesn't overheat and can run on and on ...and the m3 tranny is rock solid .. the gtr felt like a ticking time bomb... switching back to the m3 .. I've lost a few seconds on the track (big deal)... gained a much cheaper car to track .. still as much fun, I can learn more, be a better driver and peace of mind knowning that I have a rock solid car with a rock solid warranty..

with the gtr I always felt like I was driving a ticking time bomb ..
3-4 track days on stock rotors? I did 1 track day and cracked mine. I replaced my rotors and pads with Racing Brake rotors up front and Hawk DTC-70 race pads. Pads were $500 approx. Racing Brake also makes pads around $500 for an entire set. These are race pads by the way. You can get Toyo R888s from certain places at wholesale for $1200 approx, again this is an R comp tire.

I track my GTR often. In one year of ownership I have done 7 track events not including my wife who will drive some times, which puts the GTR on double duty. This car is rock solid. I have OEM fluid and get it analyzed every change. My trans temps even in hot weather never get past 270*.

I would like to see someone find a road car that's this fast, and this reliable with cheaper maintenance. I am confident there arent very many options.

I am on average 7-10 seconds faster per lap, on a 2 min course than a comparable M3/driver. I have 20k miles on my car at this point and not a single issue. One thing to note is that my car is stock engine wise, modifying the car will most definitely impact its reliability.